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Uncial letterforms go back to handwriting found in Latin and Greek manuscripts of the fourth to the eighth centuries A.D., long before the evolution of the ornate English black letter (particularly popular in the Middle Ages) or today's ubiquitous roman with its serifs. The distinctive calligraphic style of Uncial letterforms has inspired quite a few variations. For example, Hammer Uncial, designed in 1923, shows how lovely these letterforms were in old manuscripts. Solemnis, which was drawn for the Berthold foundry in 1954, offers a single case with a mixture of letters resembling uppercase and lowercase characters. American Uncial was more recently made in Germany by URW. American Uncial is comparable to the New Hammer Uncial made in 1953. Its rounded, calligraphic strokes make it a beautiful face at large sizes. Avoid using it at small sizes, however, or you will lose the contrast between the thick and thin elements of the strokes.

American Uncial

American Uncial

Versions 1.50
File name ameriunc.ttf
Copyright Data by URW. © 1993. Microsoft Corporation. All rights reserved.
Font vendor
Unicode ranges
Code pages 1252 Latin 1
Mac Roman Macintosh Character Set (US Roman)
Number of glyphs
Symbol encoded False
Fixed pitch False

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Product name Font version
Greetings 99 1.50
Home Publishing 99 1.50
Picture It! 2000 1.50
Picture It! 2002 1.50