MB Network Blacklist Operations

A device could be required to not register to a network under various scenarios, such as when a specific SIM card is inserted or if a device does not want to register to a specific network. To address these situations, Windows 10, version 1703 is adding modem interfaces to enable the OS to configure blacklists for SIM cards and network providers.

At any time, the OS can configure the MCC/MNC pair in the modem to specify the SIM or network to which the device is not allowed to register. The interface is flexible enough to allow two different lists, one for SIM providers, and another for network providers. If the device did not attempt registration because a particular SIM or network provider was blacklisted, the modem must report the registration status as denied.

MB Interface Update for Network Blacklist Operations

A new MBIM command has been created to enable the OS to query and set the MCC and MNC pair with which the modem should not attempt registration when a matching SIM cards or network provider is present on the device. For this command, a new MSFT proprietary CID has been defined as MBIM_CID_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST.

Service Name = Basic Connect Extensions


UUID Value = 3d01dcc5-fef5-4d05-0d3abef7058e9aaf

CID Command Code Minimum OS Version
MBIM_CID_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST 2 Windows 10, version 1703



Enterprises, users or mobile operators may specify the SIM cards and networks on which they do not want the modem to register. This command is used for the OS to be able to query and set the blacklists on the modem. There are two blacklists:

  1. A SIM card blacklist – SIM cards whose provider is a member of the blacklist should not be allowed to register on any network.
  2. A network provider blacklist – networks on the blacklist should not be allowed to register regardless of what SIM card is present on the device.

The modem has to maintain both blacklists per modem and persist across SIM swaps and power cycles. Both blacklists can be accessed with Query or Set at all times, regardless of the SIM state.

For the Set command it is expected to overwrite the existing blacklists in the modem with the Set command’s payload.


MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_INFO is returned from completed Query and Set messages in the InformationBuffer. For Query, the InformationBuffer is NULL.


For Set, the InformationBuffer contains an MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_INFO. In the Set operation, a list of MNC/MCC combinations should be provided to the modem. When the SIM card’s IMSI matches the MNC and MCC value specified, the modem should deregister from the network and should not try to reregister until a new SIM card that does not match the MNC/MCC is inserted.

Unsolicited Event

An Unsolicited Event is expected if any of the blacklist states have changed from actuated to not actuated, or vice versa; for example, if a SIM is inserted whose provider matches the SIM provider blacklist.


Set Query Notification
Command MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_INFO Not applicable Not applicable

Data Structures


The InformationBuffer shall be NULL and InformationBufferLength shall be zero.


The following MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_INFO structure shall be used in the InformationBuffer.

Offset Size Field Type Description
0 4 BlacklistState MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_STATE Indicates whether any of the blacklist conditions are met that result in the modem not registering to the network. For more information, see the MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_STATE table.
4 4 ElementCount (EC) UINT32 Count of MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_PROVIDER structures that follow in the DataBuffer.
8 8 * EC BlacklistProviderRefList OL_PAIR_LIST The first element of the pair is a 4 byte offset, calculated from the beginning (offset 0) of this MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_INFO structure, to a MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_PROVIDER structure. For more information, see the MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_PROVIDER table. The second element of the pair is a 4-byte size of a pointer to the corresponding MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_PROVIDER structure.
8 + (8 * EC) DataBuffer DATABUFFER Array of MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_PROVIDER structures.

The following data structures are used in the preceding table.

MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_STATE describes the possible states of the two different blacklists.

Type Mask Description
MbimMsNetworkBlacklistStateNotActuated 0h Both blacklist conditions are not met.
MbimMsNetworkBlacklistSIMProviderActuated 1h Inserted SIM is blacklisted as its Provider ID matches the blacklist for SIM Provider ID.
MbimMsNetworkBlacklistNetworkProviderActuated 2h Available networks are blacklisted since their Provider IDs are all in the blacklist for network Provider ID.

MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_PROVIDER specifies the provider of the blacklist.

Offset Size Field Type Description
0 4 MCC UINT32 As specified by 3GPP, MCC is part of IMSI and specifies the country of the provider.
4 4 MNC UINT32 As specified by 3GPP, MNC is part of IMSI and specifies the network of the provider.
8 4 NetworkBlacklistType MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_TYPE Specifies for which type of blacklist the MCC/MNC pair is used. For more information, see the MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_TYPE table.

MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_TYPE is used by the preceding data structure. It specifies which of the two blacklists will be used.

Type Value Description
MbimMsNetworkBlacklistTypeSIM 0 The MCC/MNC pair are used for SIM provider blacklist.
MbimMsNetworkBlacklistTypeNetwork 1 The MCC/MNC pair are used for network provider blacklist.


For more information, see the MBIM_MS_NETWORK_BLACKLIST_INFO table.

Status Codes

For Query and Set operations:

Status Code Description
MBIM_STATUS_READ_FAILURE The operation failed because the device was unable to retrieve provisioned contexts.
MBIM_STATUS_NO_DEVICE_SUPPORT The operation failed because the device does not support the operation.

For Set operations only:

Status Code Description
MBIM_STATUS_INVALID_PARAMETERS The operation failed because of invalid parameters.
MBIM_STATUS_WRITE_FAILURE The operation failed because the update request was unsuccessful.