Introduction to NDIS Network Interfaces

To support the management information base (MIB), NDIS manages a collection of network interface information for the local computer. NDIS interface providers provide information about some network interfaces to NDIS. NDIS provides a proxy interface provider that registers interfaces and handles interface provider requests for miniport adapters and filter modules. Therefore, no NDIS drivers are required to be network interface providers.

However, all NDIS network driver types can register as interface providers. Such drivers register network interfaces and provide callback functions to respond to interface OID requests. NDIS interface providers typically provide information about interfaces that are not directly accessible to NDIS and are not supported by the NDIS proxy interface provider. For example, a MUX intermediate driver can have internal interfaces between its virtual miniports and underlying adapters.

This section includes:

Overview of NDIS Network Interfaces

Registering as an Interface Provider

Managing NDIS Network Interfaces

Handling OID Query and Set Requests in an NDIS Interface Provider

Mapping of NDIS Network Interfaces to NDIS OIDs