Get Windows app samples

Many official Windows code samples are available in various GitHub repositories, including Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app samples, Windows classic samples, along with a collection of Windows developer documentation samples. These samples demonstrate most Windows features and their API use patterns.

GitHub Windows universal samples repository

To make finding specific samples a little bit easier, you can browse and search a categorized collection of code samples for various Microsoft developer tools and technologies through the sample browser.

Microsoft samples browser

Windows developer documentation samples

Here's a list of mini-app samples created specifically to support Windows developer documentation. Unless noted, the following samples are all Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps that have been updated to use the latest WinUI 2.4 controls.

  • Rss Reader - Retrieve RSS feeds and view articles
  • Family Notes - Explore different input modalities and scenarios of user awareness
  • Customer Orders - Features useful to enterprise developers, like Azure Active Directory (AAD) authentication, UI controls (including a data grid), Sqlite and SQL Azure database integration, Entity Framework, and cloud API services
  • Lunch Scheduler - Schedule lunches with your friends and coworkers
  • Coloring Book - Windows Ink (including the Windows Ink Toolbar) and radial controller (for Wheel devices such as the Surface Dial) features
  • Network Helper (Quiz Game) - Network discovery and communication
  • HUE Lights Controller - Intelligent home automation with Cortana and Bluetooth Low Energy (Bluetooth LE)
  • Marble Maze - Basic 3D game using DirectX
  • PhotoLab - View and edit image files

Download the code

To download the samples, go to one of the Microsoft repos such as Universal Windows Platform (UWP) app samples. Select Clone or download, and then select Download ZIP.

Samples download

The samples download .zip file always has the latest samples. You don’t need a GitHub account to download the file. When an SDK update is released or if you want to pick up any recent changes and additions, just download the latest zip file.


To open, build, and run Windows samples, you must have Visual Studio and the Windows SDK. You can get a free copy of Visual Studio Community.

For the samples to work correctly, be sure to unzip the entire archive and not individual samples. Many of the samples depend on common files in the SharedContent folder and use linked files, including sample template files and image assets, to reduce duplication.

Open the samples

After you download the .zip file, open the samples in Visual Studio.

  1. Before you unzip the archive, right-click the file, select Properties > Unblock > Apply. Then, unzip the archive in a local folder on your computer.

    Unzipped archive

  2. Each folder in the Samples folder contains a Windows feature sample.

    Sample folders

  3. Select a sample. Supported languages are indicated by a language-specific sub-folder.

    Language folders

  4. Select the folder for the language you want to use. In the folder contents, you’ll see a Visual Studio solution (.sln) file that you can open in Visual Studio.

    VS solution

Give feedback, ask questions, and report issues

If you have problems or questions, use the Issues tab in the repository to create a new issue.

Feedback image