AI model types

In AI Builder, AI is based on model types that you choose from, based your business needs. For example, build an object detection model that recognizes your products in an image, or a prediction model that predicts business outcomes based on patterns the AI learns from your historical data. Train and publish the model, and it's ready for use in your business.

To build a model using AI Builder, sign in to PowerApps and, in the the left navigation pane, select AI Builder > Build. Select the model type that matches what you want to do, and you are ready to get started.

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List of AI model types

AI model types give you the ability to tailor a scenario to the needs of your business. With AI Builder, you can build and train your own AI model suited to your needs, or you choose from several prebuilt models that you use in PowerApps and Flow without having to build and train the model.

Custom AI models

Custom AI models are models that you build choosing a model type in AI Builder, and that you train to perform a specific AI task using your data. You select the model type, provide the data, build and train your own unique AI model, and then use or share the model. Build your own custom AI model using these AI model types:

AI model type Category Start here
Prediction Prediction Overview of prediction model
Form processing Vision Overview of form classification model
Object detection Vision Overview of object detection model
Text classification Language Overview of text classification model

Prebuilt AI models

AI Builder features prebuilt AI models that you can use in PowerApps and Power Automate. With a prebuilt model, you get an AI model that Microsoft has built and trained to perform a specific task. You don't need to build or train the model yourself to use it. The following prebuilt AI models are available:

AI model type Category Start here
Business card reader Vision Overview of business card reader
Key phrase extraction Language Overview of key phrase extraction
Language detection Language Overview of language detection
Text recognition Vision Overview of text recognition
Sentiment analysis Language Overview of sentiment analysis

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