Azure Government CSP application process

Azure Government is available for purchase via different channels, one of them is the Cloud Solution Provider channel or CSP. The following resources provide an overview of what you need to become a CSP for US Government and be able to resell Azure Government. An overview of the CSP program can be found in the Cloud Solution Provider Program page.


Before being able to apply for CSP or any other programs that run under the Microsoft Partner Network, you need to obtain a Microsoft Partner Network ID (MPN ID). To get an overview, visit the Microsoft Partner Network page. To become a Partner and obtain and ID, the Enrollment and Membership page has all the details.

Becoming a government CSP

Now that you have obtained an overview on what the CSP program is and met the basic requirement of becoming a Microsoft Partner, focus on becoming a Government CSP. Designed for the US government from the ground up, Microsoft Cloud for Government enables public sector customers in the United States—from large federal agencies to small town governments—to select from a range of cloud computing services. To best address its customers’ specific needs, Microsoft has made significant investment in datacenters and is dedicated to meeting compliance with US federal and state policies, mandates, and requirements.

To initiate your application, visit the CSP Program for Microsoft Cloud for US Government page. Resources and links to all relevant pages are contained in this page.

Obtaining your government tenant

The process kicks-off with the request for an Azure Government Tenant. The form to request this tenant and begin the validation can be found at the Microsoft Government Validation CSP Request page. Once complete, you receive a Government Azure Tenant. The validation includes the following items:

  • Be a Microsoft Partner (have an MPN ID)
  • Verification of legitimacy of the Company, Systems Integrator, Distributor, or Independent Software Vendor (ISV) applying for the tenant
  • Verification of business engagements with government customers (for example, proof of services rendered to government agencies, statements of works, evidence of being part of GSA Schedule)
  • If you already have an Azure Government tenant, you can use your existing credentials to complete the CSP Application.
  • Ensure that emails coming from US Government Cloud Eligibility are reaching your inbox.
  • Check SPAM / JUNK as credentials and asks for further info come from this alias.

Applying for government CSP

Once the preceding process is complete, credentials are provided via email to the authorized users. Use these credentials and navigate to the CSP Partner Center for Gov application page and “Sign In” to apply to join for the CSP Government seller program. It takes 5-6 days to process the application and once approved you receive an email to log on to Partner Center to accept the Terms and Conditions.


Terms and Conditions are not negotiated for the Cloud Solution Provider Program. If you wish to discuss customer terms that you have in place for your Commercial agreement, work with your Microsoft Account Representative to achieve so.

The application process includes:

  • Credit check
  • Estimation of potential revenue
  • Company validation via Dun and Bradstreet
  • Email Verification
  • Accepting Terms and Conditions

After the validation has been completed and terms have been signed, you are Ready to Transact. At this point, you can create customers, spin up resources, and get billed as per regular CSP Terms. To learn more about CSP Billing, you can visit this page.

Additional resources

  • Once you are a CSP and have an MPN ID, you can review all incentives by signing up and reviewing the Partner Incentives page.
  • All agreements for end customers and partners in the CSP program are located on the CSP Resources page. The customer agreement to be flown down is the MCA or Microsoft Cloud Agreement.
  • A list of the Azure Services can be found on the Azure Services Availability on CSP page.
  • To learn about the most frequently asked questions related to the US Government CSP Program, visit the FAQ page.
  • If you are still unclear about CSP or are looking to apply for the commercial side of the program, review the CSP Programs for Commercial, once you have elected a program that suits your business needs, apply for the one that meets your profile.
  • If you are interested in Office GCC for CSP which is transacted via the CSP for Commercial platform, you can find relevant information in the article titled Sell Office 365 Government GCC for CSP subscriptions to qualified customers.

Next steps

Once you have onboarded and are ready to create your first customer, make sure to review the Azure Government CSP Quickstart to view a step by step screencast of the process. If you have any additional questions, contact the Azure Government CSP Program.