Set when your business is closed (Customer Service app)

Prevent scheduling resources on holidays and other nonworking days by defining business closures in Dynamics 365 Customer Service. You can set both the days and times that your organization will be closed.


With the latest release of Dynamics 365 Customer Service app, the new Service Scheduling is now available in the Customer Service Hub sitemap. We recommend that you set business closures using the new experience. More information: Set when your business is closed

  1. Make sure you have the Schedule Manager Security role or equivalent permissions to update the business closures.

    Check your security role

    • Follow the steps in View your user profile.

    • Don’t have the correct permissions? Contact your system administrator.

  2. go to Settings > Service Management

  3. Select Business Closure.

  4. To create a new business closure, on the command bar, select New.


    To edit an existing business closure record, open it from the list.

  5. In the Schedule a Business Closure dialog box, type or modify information in the text boxes:

    1. In the Name box, type a name that describes the purpose of the closure.

      The first 12 characters of the name appear on each day of the closure on the calendar view of the affected resource's Work Hours.

    2. In the Start Time and End Time boxes, enter the start and end date for the closure.

    3. If you want to enter duration instead of an end time, select the length of the closure in the Duration box. The application automatically calculates the end time for you.

    4. If the closure is an all-day event, select the All Day Event check box. The application automatically enters the duration of 1 day.

      If you want to enter a specific time period, clear the All Day Event check box. You can then specify the hours during which your organization will be closed.

  6. To save this business closure, select OK.


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