Enroll your Android device in telecom expense management

Your organization may be using telecom expense management software to ensure that their data and voice plans are being used within acceptable limits. Once you have completed enrolling your device, you will then be prompted to select the best category for that device.

A screenshot of the "selecting the best category for a device" screen on an iOS device. It shows a selection of corporate or personal enrollment.

Select the appropriate option, and you will receive a notification to install the Datalert app from the Google Play Store. The Datalert app is how your organization can measure data usage. If your organization has configured the work or school enrollment option, you will be required to log in with your work or school account. If this hasn't been enabled, you will need to provide information such as your phone number and verify your device using a code to enroll into the Datalert service from the app.

Tap the next arrow at the top right corner of the screen to proceed. Your company support should tell you whether you'll sign in with your Microsoft work or school account or to use your phone number.

A screenshot of the Datalert app welcome screen, which prompts you to move to the next screen after providing a brief explanation about how Datalert can get you the most out of your data plan.

Enroll into Datalert using your Microsoft work or school account

  1. Select Enroll with Microsoft account.

    An image of the Settings screen of the Datalert app, which offers a phone number field to enroll a device on the top half of the screen and "enroll with Microsoft account" on the bottom, so long as you have a Microsoft Office 365 account and an Intune subscription.

  2. Choose your work or school account from the available accounts. If your account is not listed, you can sign in to it using the Add account button.

    A screenshot of the "Pick account" screen, showing a sample account and the Add account button.

  3. Datalert setup will work for a few moments, then should complete. Tap Finish when it completes.

Enroll into Datalert using your phone number

  1. Provide your device's phone number.

    A screenshot of the Datalert app requesting a phone number.

  2. You will then receive a verification code through an SMS message. Provide the code and tap OK.

    A screenshot of the Datalert app requesting the SMS verification code.

  3. Once you've provided the verification code, Datalert setup will complete. Tap Finish and you will be able to monitor your data from the Datalert app.

    A screenshot of the Datalert app monitoring today's data usage.

Once you've enrolled, you will begin to see your data usage in the Datalert app.

Still need help? Contact your company support. For contact information, check the Company Portal website.