Submit your questions, bugs and feature requests

The Kaizala product team responds to the developer community across several channels. Please tell us about your:

  • General questions: Please ask questions on Stack Overflow with tag Kaizala. You can also send mail to Kaizala developer support. We shall respond accordingly within 2 working days.

  • Documentation bugs: If you find a bug in the Kaizala SDK documentation, open an issue on GitHub. Be sure to tell us which topic is factually incorrect or unclear. To help us fix the problem more quickly, quote the text to be changed.

  • Sample application bugs: If you find a bug in one of our samples, open an issue on GitHub. Be sure to describe the steps to reproduce the bug.

  • Feature requests: If our platform doesn't empower you to what you need, please make your features suggestions on the Kaizala on UserVoice.

  • Follow us: Subscribe to Kaizala Developer Connect from your Kaizala mobile app and keep yourself abreast with the latest support, updates & changes in Kaizala Developer Platform