Test drive new Partner Center features

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Help shape the future of Partner Center!

We’re continually releasing new features and capabilities to Partner Center and we want your feedback!

We're excited to invite you to try out new features before they're released to the worldwide Partner Center community and share your thoughts about them. Check out the Partner Center Announcements page for information about upcoming features so you can start planning how to use them to grow your business. Note that there may be several features available for you to test drive at a given time.

We continue to fix errors and enhance feature performance during the preview phase of any feature releases, which may result in changes to how the final feature works. For these reasons and others, preview releases may behave unpredictably, and do not convey an actual or implied warranty from Microsoft.

For each upcoming feature, you can:

  • Read about the feature and decide whether you want to try it out by selecting Learn more in the feature description

  • Find instructions for how to test drive the feature

  • See our target date for making a feature available for preview and our target go-live date for when we’ll release the feature to the worldwide Partner Center community

    By target go-live date, we mean the date we’re planning to make the feature available to all worldwide Partner Center users. However, several things could impact the go-live date, including a decision to incorporate feedback that improves the feature, and we may decide to reschedule the go-live date or to not release a commercial version of the feature.

  • Activate the feature preview by sliding the switch to On

Only global admins and admin agents can turn on feature preview releases. However, any of your Partner Center users can see and use preview features if they have the applicable permissions.

Tell us what you think

Our mission in everything we develop for Partner Center is to empower you to achieve more. We want to focus our efforts on features and capabilities that help you grow your business, so we invite you to try new features and share your feedback about them before they’re released to the worldwide Partner Center community.

We encourage you to share your ideas and thoughts about a specific preview release or about Partner Center as a whole, and to suggest new features you’d like to see added to the site. To give us feedback, you can:

  • Use the feedback form in the bottom right-hand corner of the Partner Center window to send your feedback directly to us.

  • Request support if you encounter any issues with a feature preview. To create a support request, select Support requests > Partner Center requests from the Dashboard menu and then select New request on the Partner Center requests page.

Help us empower you!

-- Your Partner Center team