Opt in for Power BI service preview features

What are preview features?

As we make improvements to the Power BI service, we'll release some new functionality as preview features. Preview features can be turned on and off, giving you the opportunity to try them out.

Find previews and turn them on (and off)

  1. Open your Settings menu by selecting the gear icon in the upper-right corner of your Power BI screen and choosing Settings.

    Settings menu.

  2. Select the General tab. If previews exist, you'll either see an option for Preview features or you'll see a preview feature listed on the left. In this example, there is a preview listed for ArcGIS Maps.

    General tab

  3. Select the On radio button, or mark the checkbox, to try out the new experience. Then select Apply.

  4. To turn off preview features, follow steps 1-3 above, and in step 3, choose Off, or remove the checkmark, and select Apply.

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