Natural language to DAX generation


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Admins, makers, marketers, or analysts, automatically Feb 2022 -

Business value

Our mission is to make data analytics accessible for everyone and provide a no-code and low-code experience for every aspect of data analysis. DAX is the expression language used by millions of developers today in Power BI, Analysis Services, and Excel to define calculations that can range from one line to hundreds of lines of code. By harnessing the power of DAX, developers can create sophisticated calculations and business logic. DAX, while powerful, has a steep learning curve for business users. Instead of having business users learn to write code, we'll allow users to describe the analysis in natural language and Power BI will generate the code for them in the background.

Feature details

Through AI-assisted development, creators will be able to use natural language to describe what they're trying to measure and have Power BI automatically suggest DAX measures for them. By using natural language to help create DAX measures, we aim to further democratize the creation of measures with sophisticated business logic without having to become a DAX expert.