Filing bugs and feedback

Why it's important

The engineering team uses the same mechanism for tracking and fixing internal bugs, so please use Feedback Hub to report anything odd that you're seeing - we're listening!

Before you file feedback

Make sure your PC is set to provide us with full data for feedback and diagnostics. Here's how to double check the setting on your PC before filing feedback:

  1. Open the Windows Settings app.
  2. Select on Privacy.
  3. Go to Feedback & diagnostics on the left pane, which has been renamed to Diagnostics & feedback in recent Windows Insider builds of Windows.
  4. Under Select how much data you send to Microsoft, select Full if it isn't already selected.
  5. Be sure to restart your PC and repeat the steps to reproduce your issue before filing feedback.

How to file feedback for Windows Mixed Reality immersive headsets on PC

  1. Ensure you have the immersive headset connected to your PC.

  2. Launch Feedback Hub on desktop with the HMD connected.

  3. Go to Feedback Tab on the left pane. Feedback Tab

  4. Select Add new feedback button to enter the feedback. Add new feedback

  5. Select Problem in What kind of feedback is this? to make the feedback actionable. Details and repro steps

  6. Provide meaningful feedback title in Summarize your issue box.

  7. Provide details and steps to reproduce the issue in the Give us more detail box.

  8. Select Mixed Reality as the top category and then pick an applicable sub category:

    Subcategory Description
    Apps Issues with a specific application.
    Developer Issues in authoring / running an app for Mixed Reality.
    Device Issues with the HMD itself.
    Home experience Issues with your VR environment: interactions with the Windows Mixed Reality Home.
    Input Issues with input methods: motion controllers, speech, gamepad, or mouse and keyboard.
    Set up Anything that is preventing you from setting up the device.
    All other issues Anything else.
  9. To help us identify and fix the bug faster, capturing traces and video is helpful. To start collecting traces, select Start capture. This will begin collecting traces and a video capture of your mixed reality scenario.Start Capture

  10. Leave the Feedback app and run through the broken scenario. Don't close the Feedback Hub app at this point.

  11. After you're done with your scenario, go back to the feedback app and select Stop Capture. Once you do that, you should see that a file containing the traces has been added.

  12. Select Submit.Submit

This will lead you to the "Thank You" page. At this point, your feedback has been successfully submitted.

It's easy to direct other people to your feedback after submission by going to Feedback > My Feedback, selecting the issue, and using the Share icon to get a shortened URL. You can give the URL to coworkers, Microsoft staff, forum readers, and so on, to upvote or escalate.


Before filing a bug, please ensure you meet the following constraints so that the logs are successfully uploaded with the feedback.

  • Have a minimum of 3GB free disk space available on the main drive of the device.
  • Ensure that a non-metered network is available in order to upload cabs.

After filing feedback

Make sure to check back regularly with Feedback Hub after filing feedback! In most cases, we'll try to respond as soon as we can. If you're not already in touch with us when you file feedback, the only way we can reach out to you with troubleshooting suggestions or more questions is via the comments system in Feedback Hub. Unfortunately, at this time, notifications aren't sent to you outside of Feedback Hub.

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