了解如何在 Microsoft Teams 中部署音频会议Learn how to deploy audio conferencing in Microsoft Teams

音频会议是指通过普通电话加入 Teams 会议或从会议中拨出到某个电话号码的功能。Audio Conferencing is the ability to join a Teams meeting from a regular phone and dial out from a meeting to a phone number. 确保在组织中部署音频会议的过程中已经查看了会议部署Be sure you've reviewed Meetings rollout as part of rolling out Audio Conferencing in your organization.

音频会议部署决策Audio Conferencing deployment decisions

本文根据组织的情况和业务需求来帮助你决定是否更改任何默认音频会议设置,然后引导你完成每项更改。This article helps you decide whether to change any of the default Audio Conferencing settings, based on your organization's profile and business requirements, then it walks you through each change. 我们将这些设置分为两组:首先是你更有可能更改的一组核心设置We've split the settings into two groups, starting with the core set of changes you're more likely to make. 第二组包括你可能希望根据组织的需求配置的其他设置The second group includes the additional settings you may want to configure, based on your organization's needs.

你只需为打算安排或主持会议的人设置音频会议。You only need to set up Audio Conferencing for people who plan to schedule or lead meetings. 通过拨入方式参与的与会者无需任何分配的许可证或进行任何其他设置。Meeting attendees who dial in don't need any licenses assigned to them or any other setup. 对于在旅途中并且无法使用其笔记本电脑或移动设备上的 Skype for Business 或 Teams 应用参与会议的用户来说,拨入(或呼入)会议非常有用。Dialing in (calling in) to meetings is very useful for users who are on the road and can't attend a meeting using the Skype for Business or Teams app on their laptops or mobile devices.

音频会议先决条件Audio Conferencing prerequisites

在部署 Teams 的音频会议功能之前,请考虑以下各项:Before you can roll out Audio Conferencing for Teams, consider the following:

询问你自己Ask yourself 操作Action
我所在的国家/地区是否可以使用音频会议功能?Is Audio Conferencing available for my country/region? 若要了解你所在的国家/地区是否可使用音频会议功能,请参阅音频会议和通话套餐的国家/地区可用性To find out if Audio Conferencing is available for your country/region, see Country and region availability for Audio Conferencing and Calling Plans.
我的用户是否有适当的 Teams 音频会议许可?Do my users have the proper licensing for Teams Audio Conferencing? 音频会议许可证作为 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 E5 订阅的一部分提供,或作为 Microsoft 365 商业标准版 E1 或 E3 订阅的一项附加服务提供。Audio Conferencing licenses are available as part of a Microsoft 365 or Office 365 E5 subscription or as an add-on service for a Microsoft 365 Business Standard, E1, or E3 subscription.
是否需要为分配有音频会议许可证的用户购买通信点数?Do I need to purchase Communications Credits for the users who are assigned Audio Conferencing licenses? 若要了解详情,请阅读什么是通信点数,然后查看下面的通信点数部分。To learn more, read What are Communications Credits, then check out the Communications Credits section below.

核心部署决策Core deployment decisions

满足了音频会议先决条件后,请完成以下任务来为用户配置音频会议。After you meet the Audio Conferencing prerequisites, complete the following tasks to configure Audio Conferencing for your users.

Teams 管理员Teams administrators

Teams 提供了一组可用于为组织管理 Teams 的自定义管理员角色。这些角色为管理员提供各种能力。Teams provides a set of custom administrator roles that can be used to manage Teams for your organization. The roles provide various capabilities to administrators.

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将为谁分配 Teams 通信管理员角色?Who will be assigned the Teams Communications Administrator role? 若要详细了解 Teams 管理员角色,请参阅使用 Microsoft Teams 管理员角色来管理 TeamsTo learn more about Teams administrator roles see Use Microsoft Teams admin roles to manage Teams.
将为谁分配 Teams 通信支持工程师角色?Who will be assigned the Teams Communications Support Engineer role? 若要分配管理员角色,请参阅使用 Active Directory 为用户分配管理员和非管理员角色To assign admin roles, see Assign administrator and non-administrator roles to users with Active Directory.
将为谁分配 Teams 通信支持专家角色?Who will be assigned the Teams Communications Support Specialist role?

会议网桥和电话号码Conferencing bridges and phone numbers

会议网桥使用户能够使用电话拨入会议。Conferencing bridges let people dial into meetings using a phone. 可以使用会议网桥的默认设置,也可以更改电话号码(收费和免费)和其他设置(如 PIN 或使用的语言)。You can use the default settings for a conferencing bridge or change the phone numbers (toll and toll-free) and other settings, such as the PIN or the languages that are used.

请参阅音频会议了解详情。See Audio Conferencing to learn more.

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是否需要添加新的会议网桥号码?Do I need to add new conferencing bridge numbers? 若要添加新号码,请参阅获取服务电话号码To add new numbers, see Getting service phone numbers.
是否需要修改网桥设置?Will I need to modify the bridge settings? 若要修改网桥设置,请参阅更改音频会议网桥的设置To modify the bridge settings, see Change the settings for an Audio Conferencing bridge.
是否需要移植号码以用于音频会议?Do I need to port numbers to use with audio conferencing? 若要了解移植电话号码,请阅读将电话号码转移到 TeamsTo learn about porting phone numbers, read Transfer phone numbers to Teams.

默认语言和备用语言Default and alternate languages

Teams 音频会议允许你为会议网桥设置默认语言和备用语言。Teams Audio Conferencing lets you set up default and alternate languages for a conferencing bridge.

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我应为自动助理问候选择哪些语言?Which languages should I choose for auto attendant greetings? 若要选择语言,请参阅为音频会议设置自动助理语言To choose languages, see Set auto attendant languages for Audio Conferencing.

会议网桥设置Conferencing bridge settings

设置了会议网桥(包括默认语言和备用语言)之后,你应验证诸如进入/退出通知和 PIN 长度等默认设置是否符合你的要求。After setting up your conferencing bridge, including default and alternate languages, you should verify that the default settings such as entry/exit notifications and PIN length are the ones you want to use. 如果不符合,你可以更改这些设置。If they're not, you can change them.

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当用户加入或退出会议时,与会者是否将听到一条通知?Will attendees hear a notification when a user joins or exits a meeting? 若要更改这些设置,请参阅更改音频会议网桥的设置To change these settings, see Change the settings for an Audio Conferencing bridge.
会议组织者用于开始会议的 PIN 必须设置为什么长度?What is the required length of the PIN that a meeting organizer uses to start the meeting?

主持会议的用户的拨入电话号码设置Dial-in phone number settings for users who lead meetings

创建音频会议网桥后,需要设置主持会议的用户将使用的收费和/或免费号码。After you create your Audio Conferencing bridge, you need to set the toll and/or toll-free numbers that users who lead meetings will use.

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为将主持会议的每名用户分配哪些会议网桥号码?Which conference bridge numbers will I assign to each user who leads meetings? 若要为用户分配拨入电话号码,请参阅步骤 7:为主持会议的用户分配拨入电话号码To assign a dial-in phone number to a user, see Step 7: Assign dial-in phone numbers for users who lead meetings.

通信点数Communications Credits

为了提供免费会议网桥电话号码以及支持会议向国际电话号码拨出,你需要贵组织设置通信点数。To provide toll-free conference bridge phone numbers and to support conferencing dial-out to international phone numbers, you must set up Communications Credits for your organization. 若要详细了解通信点数,请参阅什么是通信点数?To learn more about Communications Credits, see What are Communications Credits?.

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我的音频会议实现是否需要通信点数?Are Communications Credits required for my Audio Conferencing implementation? 若要了解你是否需要设置通信点数,请参阅为你的组织设置通信点数To find out if you need to set up Communications Credits, see Set up Communications Credits for your organization.
如果需要通信点数,我应该购买多少?If they're required, how much should I purchase? 若要确定通信点数数额,请参阅推荐的资金金额To determine the Communications Credits amount, see Recommended funding amounts.
是否要配置自动充值金额?Do I want to configure an auto-recharge amount? 若要配置自动充值金额,请参阅为你的组织设置通信点数To configure an auto-recharge amount, see Set up Communications Credits for your organization.

其他部署决策Additional deployment decisions

你可能需要根据组织的需求和配置更改这些设置。You may want to change these settings, based on your organization's needs and configuration.

出站呼叫限制策略Outbound calling restriction policies

作为管理员,您可以使用出站呼叫控件来限制组织用户可以进行的音频会议和最终用户 PSTN 呼叫类型。As an administrator, you can use outbound call controls to restrict the type of audio conferencing and end user PSTN calls that can be made by users in your organization.

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是否将限制允许的出站通话类型?Will I limit the type of outbound calls that are allowed? 若要限制出站通话,请参阅音频会议和用户 PSTN 通话的出站通话限制策略To restrict outbound calls, see Outbound calling restriction policies for Audio Conferencing and user PSTN calls.

拨号计划Dial plans

作为 Microsoft 365 或 Office 365 电话系统一部分的拨号计划是一组规范化规则,用于将拨打的电话号码转换为替代格式(通常为 E.164 格式)以便进行通话授权和通话路由。A dial plan, as part of Phone System in Microsoft 365 or Office 365, is a set of normalization rules that translate dialed phone numbers into an alternate format (typically E.164 format) for call authorization and call routing.

有关拨号计划的详细信息,请参阅什么是拨号计划?For more information about dial plans, see What are dial plans?

询问你自己Ask yourself 操作Action
我的组织是否需要自定义拨号计划?Does my organization need a customized dial plan? 为了帮助确定你是否需要自定义拨号计划,请参阅规划租户拨号计划To help determine if you need a custom dial plan, see Planning for tenant dial plans.
哪些用户需要自定义拨号计划,应为每个用户分配哪种租户拨号计划?Which users require a customized dial plan, and which tenant dial plan should be assigned to each user? 若要使用 PowerShell 将用户添加到自定义拨号计划,请参阅创建和管理拨号计划To add users to a customized dial plan using PowerShell, see Create and manage dial plans.

会议和通话质量疑难解答Troubleshoot meeting and call quality

Teams 提供两种用于监视和排除通话质量问题的方法:通话分析和通话质量仪表板Teams gives you two ways to monitor and troubleshoot call quality problems: Call Analytics and Call Quality Dashboard. 通话分析显示有关与每个用户的特定通话和会议相关的设备、网络和连接的详细信息。Call Analytics shows detailed information about the devices, networks, and connectivity related to the specific calls and meetings for each user. 通话分析旨在帮助管理员和技术支持人员解决特定通话的通话质量问题,而通话质量仪表板旨在帮助管理员和网络工程师优化网络。Call Analytics is designed to help admins and helpdesk agents troubleshoot call quality problems with specific calls, whereas the Call Quality Dashboard is designed to help admins and network engineers optimize a network. 通话质量仪表板关注的不是特定用户,而是整个 Teams 组织的聚合信息。Call Quality Dashboard shifts focus from specific users and instead looks at aggregate information for an entire Teams organization.

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谁将负责监视和排查通话质量问题?Who will be responsible for monitoring and troubleshooting call quality issues? 请参阅使用通话分析来排查通话质量不良问题,了解排查通话质量问题所需的权限级别。See Use Call Analytics to troubleshoot poor call quality for information about permission levels required to troubleshoot call quality issues.

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