Overview of Dynamics 365 Guides

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Person using Dynamics 365 Guides while working on a truck engine

Microsoft Dynamics 365 Guides is a mixed-reality application for Microsoft HoloLens that enables operators to learn in the flow of work by providing holographic instructions when and where they need them. A series of step-by-step instruction cards with image and video support are visually tethered to the place where the work needs to be done. Additional guidance in the form of holographic models shows what needs to be done where, so workers can get the job done faster, with fewer errors and greater retention of learned skills.

Easily create mixed-reality guides without the need for specialized skills

Dynamics 365 Guides allows anyone to create step-by-step mixed-reality guidance for a task, without the need for specialized 3D or programming skills. Start with the PC authoring tool to create guides — step-by-step instructions with images, video, and 3D holograms. After creating the guide on a PC, authors use HoloLens to connect the instruction cards and holograms to the physical work space by picking them up and moving them to the right location. Authors can use the default library of 3D holograms or they can import their own custom 3D models if they prefer.

Improve productivity by enabling your workforce to learn while doing their work

Whether it’s doing complex procedures on the job or while training away from the production line, Dynamics 365 Guides provides heads-up, hands-free, step-by-step instruction in the flow of work. Employees can control the interface with their gaze (using a glance to move to the next step) leaving their hands free to do the work. Instruction cards move with the worker, following them as they move around equipment, pointing to the tools and parts they need and showing them exactly how and where to apply them. The experience is comfortable, simple to use, and reduces mental processing time, errors, and the need to rely on a buddy system.

Continually analyze and improve your processes

Using Power BI dashboards, managers can see rich data about how the process is working for their people, enabling them to continually analyze and improve without doing expensive studies. Being part of the Dynamics 365 product family and powered by Common Data Service, Dynamics 365 Guides allows customers and partners access and integration opportunities.

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