Power BI 封存工作區Power BI Archived Workspace

任何人都可以透過 Power BI 在幾分鐘內完成註冊並開始使用服務。With Power BI, anyone can sign up and start using the service in a few minutes. 稍後,您組織的 IT 部門可能會選擇代替組織中的使用者接管 Power BI。Later, your organization's IT department may choose to take over managing Power BI for users in your organization. 如果發生這種接管情況,您不僅會因為集中管理組織內的使用者和權限而受益,也可以使用針對組織內其他服務所用的相同使用者名稱和密碼進行登入,因而簡化登入。If this takeover occurs, you will benefit from central management of users and permissions in your organization and you may be able to take advantage of streamlined sign-in using the same username and password you use for other services in your organization.

您在 IT 部門開始管理 Power BI 之前所建立的任何內容都將置於 Power BI [封存工作區] 中,稍後可從 Power BI 的左導覽列存取。Any content you created before your IT department started managing Power BI will be placed in a Power BI Archived Workspace, which is accessible from the left navigation of Power BI. 您應該在 [我的工作區] 中開始建立新的 Power BI 內容,這個工作區是由組織的 IT 部門保護及管理。You should start creating new Power BI content in My Workspace, which is secured and managed by your organization's IT department. 您的 [封存工作區] 會持續存在,但會限制您可以對 [封存工作區] 中的內容執行的動作。Your Archived Workspace will continue to exist, but there are restrictions on actions you can perform on content in your Archived Workspace. 若要移除這些限制,您必須將內容從 [封存工作區] 移轉至由 IT 部門管理的 [我的工作區]。To remove these restrictions, you will need to migrate the content from your Archived Workspace to your My Workspace, managed by your IT department.

封存工作區的限制Restrictions in your Archived Workspace

封存工作區中的內容不會遭到刪除。No content will be deleted from your Archived Workspace. 您可以繼續取得資料、建立報表和儀表板,以及重新整理資料集。You can continue to get data, create reports and dashboards, and refresh datasets. 與您共用內容的現有使用者還是可以在自己的 [封存工作區] 中檢視內容。Existing users you have shared content with will still be able to view the content in their Archived Workspace too.

不過,封存工作區中的內容有些限制:However, there are some restrictions on content in your Archived Workspace:

  • 商務用 OneDrive。OneDrive for Business. 您無法再從商務用 OneDrive 取得 [封存工作區] 中資料集的資料,或重新整理該資料集。 You will no longer be able to get data or refresh from OneDrive for Business for datasets in your Archived Workspace. 如果您嘗試連接到這個來源,您會收到警告。If you try to connect to this source, you will receive a warning.
  • 共用儀表板。Sharing dashboards. 您無法與其他使用者共用 [封存工作區] 中的儀表板。 You can't share dashboards with other users from your Archived Workspace. 已經具有存取權的任何使用者可透過存取自己的 [封存工作區],繼續檢視共用的儀表板。Any users that already have access will continue to be able to view shared dashboards by accessing their Archived Workspace.
  • 建立群組。Creating groups. 您無法在 [封存工作區] 中建立群組。 You can't create groups in your Archived Workspace.
  • Power BI 行動應用程式的存取。**Access on Power BI mobile apps. 您仍然可以檢視 [封存工作區] 中的網頁內容,但這份內容不會再出現於 Power BI 行動裝置應用程式中。**While you can still view content on the web in your Archived Workspace, this content will no longer appear in the Power BI mobile apps.

移轉封存工作區中的內容Migrating Content in your Archived Workspace

若要繼續使用 Power BI,您應該在由 IT 部門管理的 [我的工作區] 中建立新內容。To continue to use Power BI, you should create new content in your My Workspace, managed by your IT department. 您也應該規劃將 [封存工作區] 中的任何內容移轉至 [我的工作區]。You should also plan to migrate any content in your Archived Workspace to your My Workspace. 移轉內容的方式取決於內容類型:How you migrate content depends on the kind of content:

  • Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 資料集。Excel or Power BI Desktop Datasets. 移轉這些資料集的方式是從 [封存工作區] 切換至 [我的工作區],然後按一下 [我的資料] 按鈕,以重新上傳 Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 檔案。 Migrate these datasets by switching from your Archived Workspace to My Workspace and re-uploading the Excel or Power BI Desktop file by clicking the "My Data" button. 如果您已設定排程重新整理,您必須對 [我的工作區] 中的新資料集重新進行這些設定。If you set up scheduled refresh, you will need to reconfigure those settings for the new dataset in My Workspace.
  • 其他資料集。Other Datasets. 切換至 [我的工作區],然後按一下 [取得資料] 按鈕,以重新連接到您在 [封存工作區] 中建立的其他任何資料集。 Switch to My Workspace and then click the Get Data button to reconnect to any other datasets you created in your Archived Workspace. 您可能需要重新輸入安全性或連接資訊。You may need to re-enter security or connection information.
  • 報表。Reports. 不論是包含在 Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 檔案中的報表,還是安裝作為內容套件一部分的報表,都會在您重新上傳對應的 Excel 或 Power BI Desktop 檔案,或者重新連接到內容套件時自動重新建立。 Reports that were contained in Excel or Power BI Desktop files or reports installed as part of content packs will be automatically recreated once you re-upload the corresponding Excel or Power BI Desktop file or reconnect to the content pack. 如果您透過 Power BI 服務建立自己的報表,則必須在 [我的工作區] 中重新建立這些報表。If you created your own reports through the Power BI service, you will need to recreate those reports in your My Workspace.
  • 儀表板。Dashboards. 安裝作為內容套件一部分的儀表板,會在您重新連接到 [我的工作區] 中的內容套件時自動重新建立。 Dashboards installed as part of content packs will be automatically recreated when you reconnect to the content pack in My Workspace. 如果您透過 Power BI 服務建立自己的儀表板,則必須在 [我的工作區] 中重新建立這些儀表板。If you created your own dashboards through the Power BI service, you will need to recreate those dashboards in your My Workspace.

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