What's new or changed in Dynamics 365 Talent (January 21, 2020)


Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Onboard apps are being retired. Learn more at Retiring Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract and Onboard apps.

This article describes features that are either new or changed in Dynamics 365 Talent.

Changes in Attract

This release includes minor bug fixes for Dynamics 365 Talent: Attract. We've added functionality to Attract to support our recent announcement, Building a more successful workforce with Dynamics 365 Human Resources.

Download environment data

Administrators can download their environment’s data. The data is exported in standard JSON format with all the jobs, candidates, and configuration exported in a zip file. For more information, see Export data from Attract and Onboard.

Restricting access to environments for non-admin users

Administrators can now restrict access to the environment for non-admin users. This action can't be undone. For more information, see Restrict access to Attract.

Changes in Onboard

This release includes minor bug fixes for Dynamics 365 Talent: Onboard.

Exporting onboarding guides

Users can now export all of their onboarding guides and onboarding templates in Word document format. For more information, see Export data from Attract and Onboard.

Changes in Core HR

Changes described in this section apply to build number 8.1.2726. The numbers in parentheses in some headings refer to support numbers in Microsoft Dynamics Lifecycle Services (LCS).

Most recent annual compensation column in Verify employment form isn't consistent (392092)

This release includes a change that will consistently display the latest currency based on the company selector on the Verify employment form.

Known as column added to the Feedback recipient lookup (407789)

When providing performance feedback, the lookup for workers didn't provide enough information to determine if feedback is going to the correct person. We added a Known as column to help identify the unique name of the employee.

HcmWorkerPayrollInfo record is created without an association to a worker (394526)

This release includes a change to not write HCMWorkerPayrollInfo records without reference to an employee.

Able to edit department when navigating from position hierarchy (341001)

When security has been set up to deny access to editing departments, editing is disabled when navigating to the Departments form in all scenarios.

Coming soon

A new Dataverse solution will be available soon with the following changes:

Description Change
Job/Position table changes
  • Compensation region added
  • Financial dimensions added
Worker table changes
  • Name sequence added
  • Works from home added
  • Language added
  • Seniority date added
  • Anniversary date added
  • Original hire date added
Employment table changes
  • Financial dimensions added
  • Termination reason added
  • Termination date renamed from Transition date
  • Probation date added
Worker address table changes
  • Street address added
  • Address line 1, Address line 2, and Address line 3 marked for deprecation
New variable compensation setup tables
  • Compensation variable plan type
  • Compensation variable plan
  • Vesting rules
  • Compensation variable plan level
New Worker calendar employment table
  • Work calendar table added