What's new or changed in Dynamics 365 Talent - Core HR (September 17, 2018)


This topic describes features that are either new or changed in Core HR.

Leave and Absence – Accrue time based on hours worked

A new accrual type has been added to Leave plans. The accrual schedule can now be based on months of service or hours worked. For more information, see Accrue time off based on hours worked.

Platform update 18 for Finance and Operations

Platform update 18 for Finance and Operations is now part of the Talent release.

  • Mandatory and other fields can be hidden via personalization. This allows a user to create a simplified experience where mandatory fields that are defaulted by business logic are not shown. Hidden mandatory fields are also temporarily made visible if they are empty when a save is attempted.

  • In Platform update 18 for Finance and Operations, the Talent web client now aligns its visuals with Microsoft Fluent Design.

    • When fields are in “read mode”, you can simply select the edit option in the fields to switch the form to edit.

    • Changes in how fields display when in read mode.

    • Headings in workspaces and pages are bold.

  • The behavior of non-replacing lookups has been improved. For more information, see Improved behavior for non-replacing lookups.

Bug fixes

This release includes several additional bug fixes, including references to ACA, ADA, and I9 now will only be enabled in US companies.