Access preview features in Talent

As part of our continuous rollout of product capabilities, we want to let customers experience new features as soon as possible. Administrators can see and use preview features in their environments. These features are almost ready for general availability and have gone through extensive testing. We are just looking for a final round of customer feedback and validation before we generally release them.

This topic describes how an administrator can enable preview features, and it lists the features that are currently available for preview. This list will be updated as features are released to general availability and as new features are released to preview. No notification is given when new features are released to preview. Users will just start to see the features.

Enable or disable preview features

You can use the Preview Features setting in the Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent admin center to enable or disable preview features. By default, the setting is turned off. The action of enabling or disabling preview features is environment-specific.


By turning on the Preview Features setting, you enable preview features for all users in your organization who are in that environment. By turning off the setting, you disable preview features and make them inaccessible to your users. Preview features have limited support in Talent. They might use fewer privacy and security measures, and they aren't included in the Talent service level agreement. You should not use preview features to process personal data (that is, any information that could identify you), or to process other data that is subject to legal or regulatory compliance requirements.

Enable or disable preview features for your organization


  1. Sign in to Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Talent: Attract.
  2. On the Setup menu (the gear symbol) in the upper-right corner, select Admin settings.
  3. On the Feature management tab, select the option next to Preview features so that it turns blue.
  4. Optionally you can control individual features by enabling/disabling specific features on this page.
  5. Refresh your browser to start to see the new features. (Any users who are already signed in will see the features the next time that they sign in, or they can refresh their browser to see the features immediately.)

Core HR

  1. Sign in to Talent. The core Human resources workspace will open, from which you'll complete the remaining steps.
  2. Select System administration > Links System parameters.
  3. On the System Parameters page, on the Preview features tab, set the Enable preview mode for all users option to Yes to make preview features available.


To disable preview features, use the same basic steps. When you disable preview features, they become inaccessible to your users, and errors might occur in processes that are associated with the features.

Features that are currently in preview


  • Relevant Candidates in a Job – Recruiters and hiring managers can easily see which candidates may be the most relevant for the job across all applicants. The top 5 applicants are shown based on their the relevance of their resume/profile to the job description.

  • Relevant Jobs – Candidates now see a list of other jobs that are relevant to them based on their resume/profile and the job descriptions. Currently this is shown to candidates once they apply as a suggestion for other opportunities.

  • EEO/OFCCP Support – New activity types enable the use of a predefined form for the collection of Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) and Office of Federal Contract Compliance Program (OFCCP) data from the candidate. This is a predefined form and is not editable.


    Jobs that are posted are visible only to customers who subscribe to one or more LinkedIn job listing products. Otherwise, customers see a job only if they explicitly search for it. There is a delay when jobs are posted to LinkedIn. A job might take up to a few hours to appear after it's posted from Attract.

  • Candidate apply – Both internal and external candidates can now apply directly from the job page on the career site.

  • Offer management – Users can now create offer letters from templates that include placeholders. As candidates advance to the Offer stage, recruiters and hiring managers can use the Offer tool to prepare a candidate's formal offer via templates, send the offer for internal approval, and finally send the offer to the candidate for signature. Many new capabilities will be added to the Offer tool over time, and the preview feature will be updated with these capabilities as we are ready to release them to preview.

Core HR

  • Open Enrollment – Benefits open enrollment gives employees a simple, self-service experience for selecting their benefits. Human Resource (HR) administrators can configure the benefits open enrollment process for their organization, and the enrollment experience for employees, by using an easy-to-follow guided solution.


Regardless of whether the feedback is positive or negative, we want to hear from you about your use of the preview features. We encourage you to regularly post your feedback on the following sites as you use these or any other features.

  • Community – This site is a great resource where users can discuss use cases, ask questions, and get community help.

  • Use the following sites to suggest product ideas. Let us know about features that you want to see in the product, and also any changes that you think should be made to existing features.

Don't include personal data (any information that could identify you) in your feedback or product review submissions. Information that is collected might be analyzed further, and it won't be used to answer requests under applicable privacy laws. Personal data that is collected separately under these programs is subject to the Microsoft Privacy Statement.


Bookmark this topic, and check back often to stay up to date about new preview features as we release them.