开始设计和原型制作Start designing and prototyping


混合现实应用程序与当今世界上任何其他应用程序都不同,设计它们是一项很难的工作。Mixed Reality applications are unlike anything else in the world today, and designing them is hard work. 你不仅要考虑到正在创建的真实世界和虚拟世界的新组合,还必须考虑它们提供的新型用户体验。Not only do you have to account for the new combinations of real and virtual worlds you're creating, but also the new user experiences they afford. 由于混合现实很大,因此我们在其设计范围内选择了要点,并在下面将它们布置为一系列检查点。Since Mixed Reality is a big place, we've selected important points along its design spectrum and laid them out below as a series of checkpoints. 这些检查点应该是连续的,但如果你已经有了一定的了解,则可以随时跳转到以下任何部分。These are meant to be sequential, but if you've already dipped your feet in feel free to jump to any of the following sections.

请查看我们的设备概述视频开始入门:Take a look at our design overview video to get started:

设计检查点Design checkpoints

使用以下检查点将应用程序创意和概念带入混合现实的世界。Use the following checkpoints to bring your application ideas and concepts into the world of mixed reality.

1.入门1. Getting started

与所有历程一样,设计混合现实应用程序的冒险之旅从基础开始。Like all journeys, your adventure into designing Mixed Reality applications starts with the basics. 我们建议你自行熟悉什么是混合现实以及什么是全息影像?文章,让大脑为沉浸式设计做好准备。We recommend familiarizing yourself with the What is Mixed Reality and What is a hologram? articles to get your mind primed for immersive design. 完成通读后,你就可以开始混合现实设计历程了!Once you've completed your read-through, you'll be ready to start your Mixed Reality design journey!

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CheckpointCheckpoint 业务成效Outcome
扩展设计过程Expand your design process 亲眼见证从 Microsoft 内外的设计师处收集的混合现实设计过程Get a first-hand look at design process for Mixed Reality, gathered from designers inside and outside of Microsoft
混合现实应用的类型Types of Mixed Reality apps 确定你的应用体验在混合现实范围内的位置Decide where your app experience will live on the Mixed Reality spectrum
“设计全息影像”应用Designing Holograms app 了解混合现实 UX 设计的基础知识,只需体验创建出色 HoloLens 应用相关的行为、提示和建议即可(可在 HoloLens 2 中从 Microsoft Store 下载)Learn the fundamentals of Mixed Reality UX Design by experiencing with behaviors, tips, and recommendations for creating amazing HoloLens apps (available for download from Microsoft Store in HoloLens 2)
MRTK 中心示例MRTK Examples Hub 体验混合现实的常见空间交互和 UX 构建基块(可从 HoloLens 2 中的 Microsoft Store 下载)Experience common spatial interactions and UX building blocks for Mixed Reality (available for download from Microsoft Store in HoloLens 2)

2.核心概念2. Core concepts

无论是针对 VR 还是 AR 进行开发,都有几个核心概念适用于设计流畅的沉浸式体验。Whether you're developing for VR or AR, there are several core concepts that apply to designing fluid immersive experiences. 了解用户的观点、定位对象并确保每个人都舒适安全是你在历程的这一阶段的头等大事。Understanding the users point of view, positioning objects, and ensuring everyone is comfortable and safe are your top priorities at this stage of your journey. 本部分结束时,你将有一个坚实的基础来进行交互设计。By the end of this section you'll have a solid foundation to carry through into interaction design.


概念Concept 业务成效Outcome
全息帧Holographic frame 了解用户佩戴着其头戴显示设备时如何看到覆盖到现实世界的内容Understand how users see your content overlaid onto the real world when wearing their headsets
坐标系统Coordinate systems 了解如何将全息影像置于世界上有意义的各个位置,该位置可能是实际空间,也可能是你创建的某个虚拟领域Learn how to position holograms in meaningful places in the world, whether it's their physical room or a virtual realm you've created
空间映射Spatial mapping 在用户的世界中锚定对象,并利用真实世界的物理表面Anchor objects in the user's world and take advantage of real world's physical surfaces
舒适感注意事项Comfort considerations 通过以模仿自然世界的方式创建和呈现沉浸式内容,确保用户的舒适感和安全性Ensure user comfort and safety by creating and presenting immersive content in a way that mimics the natural world

3.交互设计3. Interaction design

无论虚拟体验有多漂亮和拟真,如果不能进行交互,也都是没有用的。No matter how beautiful and immersive a virtual experience is, it's useless without interaction. 本部分将向你介绍基本交互模型、手势和运动控制器、语音输入以及收集用户的眼部跟踪数据。This section will walk you through basic interaction models, hand and motion controllers, voice input, and gathering eye tracking data from your users. 本部分结束后,你便已准备好处理设计历程中的最后一个大主题:用户体验。By the end of this section you'll be ready to tackle the last big topic on your design journey: user experience.


概念Concept 业务成效Outcome
交互模型Interaction models 通过手部、眼部和语音输入向用户提供本能交互Provide your users with instinctual interactions through hand, eye, and voice input
手和运动控制器Hands and motion controllers 了解如何在靠近用户手的位置或者通过精确的交互在远距离与全息影像交互Learn how to interact with holograms at close range with a user' hands or at long range with precise interactions
语音输入Voice input 在沉浸式应用中使用语音命令作为输入来控制周围的全息影像和环境Use voice commands as input in your immersive apps to control surrounding holograms and environments
眼部跟踪Eye Tracking 使用有关用户正在查看的内容的信息,在全息体验中增加一个新层次的上下文和人工理解Add a new level of context and human understanding in a holographic experience by using information about what your users are looking at

4.用户体验元素4. User experience elements

现在你已经掌握了基本的交互,你可以专注于用户体验元素的更细微之处,以及如何使它们适应混合现实的独特环境。Now that you've mastered basic interactions, you can focus on the finer points of user experience elements and how to adapt them for Mixed Reality's unique environments. 你将了解常见的行为、资产设计、对象缩放和版式,同时为用户提供直观的体验。You'll cover common behaviors, asset design, object scaling, and typography, while making the experience intuitive for your users. 本部分标志着混合现实官方设计历程的结束,但在后续步骤?部分中还有更多资源供你继续了解。This section marks the end of the official Mixed Reality design journey, but there are more resources in the What's next? section to keep you going.

UX 元素

概念Concept 业务成效Outcome
常用控件和行为Common controls and behaviors 了解常用空间交互和 UI 构建基块Learn about frequently used spatial interactions and UI building blocks
颜色、光线和材料Color, light, and materials 设计适用于混合现实的质量资产,其考虑了颜色、照明和材料Design quality assets for Mixed Reality that take color, lighting, and materials into account
对象规模Object scale 整合尽可能多的现实世界视觉提示给我们,帮助你的用户了解对象的位置、大小以及组成部分Incorporate as many real-world visual cues as possible to us help your users understand where objects are, how big they are, and what they’re made of
版式Typography 在三维空间中使用清晰可读的文本,为用户提供所需的重要信息Use clear, readable text in three-dimensional space to give your users the important information they need

下一步操作What's next?

设计师的工作一直在更新,尤其是在学习以新的范式创建沉浸式体验时。A designer's job is never done, especially when learning to create immersive experiences in a new paradigm. 以下各部分将带你跨越已完成的初学者级别设计材料并进入混合现实开发的世界。The following sections will take you beyond the beginner level design material you've already completed and into the world of Mixed Reality development. 这些主题和资源不按任何顺序排列,因此可随意探索!These topics and resources aren't in any sequential order, so feel free to explore!

选择原型制作选项Choose a prototyping option

了解 UnityLearn Unity
了解 UnityLearn Unity
了解如何使用 Unity 创建交互式体验。Learn how to create interactive experiences with Unity. 从头至尾从实践中学习。Learn by doing, from start to finish.

混合现实工具包 (MRTK)Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK)
混合现实工具包 (MRTK)Mixed Reality Toolkit (MRTK)

使用空间交互和 UI 构建基块,通过 Unity 立即开始混合现实设计和开发。With spatial interaction and UI building blocks, jump-start your mixed reality design and development with Unity.

混合现实设计实验室Mixed Reality Design Labs
混合现实设计实验室Mixed Reality Design Labs

获取示例应用,这些应用会演示如何使用 MRTK 的构建基块来创建美好的混合现实体验。Get sample apps that show you how to use MRTK's building blocks to create beautiful mixed reality experiences.

Microsoft MaquetteMicrosoft Maquette
Microsoft MaquetteMicrosoft Maquette

为 VR 而设计。Design for VR. 可以使用 Microsoft Maquette 快速便捷地进行沉浸式空间原型制作。Microsoft Maquette makes spatial prototyping easy, quick, and immersive.

其他资源Other resources

了解基础知识Understand the basics
了解基础知识Understand the basics
更好地了解是什么定义了混合现实,以及如何使用混合现实。Get a better understanding of what defines mixed reality and how it’s being used.

参加活动Come to an event
参加活动Come to an event
查看硬件并获取动手教程,以便创建第一个 HoloLens 2 应用程序。See the hardware and get a hands-on tutorial to make your first HoloLens 2 application.

安装工具Install the tools
安装工具Install the tools
使用安装清单获取为 HoloLens 和混合现实构建应用所需的工具。Use the installation checklist to get the tools you need to build apps for HoloLens and mixed reality.

开始开发Start developing
开始开发Start developing
根据技能水平、工作风格或平台兴趣选择开发路径。Choose a development path based on your skill level, work style, or platform interest.