What is Microsoft Intune device management?

Applies to: Intune in the Azure portal
Looking for documentation about Intune in the classic portal? Go here.

As an IT admin, you must ensure that managed devices are providing the resources your end users need to do their work while protecting that data from risk.

The Devices workload gives you insights into the devices you manage, and lets you perform remote tasks on those devices. To access the workload:

  1. Sign into the Azure portal.
  2. Choose All services > Intune. Intune is located in the Monitoring + Management section.
  3. In Intune, choose Devices.
  4. You can view information about devices and perform the remote device actions as follows:

    • Overview - A snapshot of the enrolled devices you can manage.
    • All devices - A list of the enrolled devices you manage. Choose Filter or Columns to refine the information displayed. Select a device to view device inventory.
    • Azure AD devices - A list of the devices registered or joined with Azure Active Directory (AD). Learn more about Azure AD device management.
    • Device actions - A history of the remote actions performed on devices including the action, its status, who initiated the action, and the time.

      Screenshot of monitor device actions

    • Audit logs - Audit logs provide you with a record of activities that generate a change in Microsoft Intune. Learn more about Audit logs.

    • TeamViewer Connector - TeamViewer service allows users of Intune-managed Android devices to get remote assistance from their IT administrator. Learn more about TeamViewer.
    • Help and Support - Troubleshoot, request support, or view Intune status.

Available device actions

The actions available depend on the device platform, and the configuration of the device.

Next steps

  • Choose Device actions to see the status of actions taken on devices you manage.