Partner Admin Center is moving to the Partner Center

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All dates have been updated since the initial posting of this article.

The Office 365 Partner Admin Center (PAC) is moving to the Microsoft Partner Center.

We are evolving Microsoft the Partner Center into the single place where you will manage your partnership with Microsoft and with your customers. In the Partner Center you can manage membership, customer referrals, incentives, and all other aspects of the Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Program. We will retire the PAC starting mid-April 2018.

The Office 365 Partner Admin Center (PAC) will be retired

During April 2018, PAC will be retiring, and CSP partners will start being automatically redirected to the Microsoft Partner Center. The redirection will happen in stages, and once you are redirected to the Partner Center, you will not be able to work in PAC.

Cloud Solutions Provider partners If you are a CSP partner, we will automatically redirect you to the Partner Center starting in April 2018.

Advisor partners (if you don't transact via CSP and use PAC to provide trials/quotes for your customers) As soon as we decide on the timeline for your automatic redirection to Partner Center, we will announce it here.

Start using the Microsoft Partner Center now!

Start using the Microsoft Partner Center now to get ready for the move from PAC. You’ll use the same credentials for the Partner Center that you use for PAC.


Some features and functions that were available in PAC will not be available in the Partner Center.

Read the Side-by-side comparison to understand and familiarize yourself with these changes. You will find additional information on account management, customer management, licenses and subscriptions, pricing and offers, and more in Microsoft Partner Center Help.